Hat Trick for Meetupcall New Business in February

In the spirit of our fabled postal workers across Britain, neither rain, sleet nor the unexpected mountains of snow which moved across our fair land since the start of 2010 have kept businesses from communicating, thanks to the handiwork of Alexander Graham Bell, the father of telephony and the world-class teleconferencing services provided by Meetupcall.

Meetupcall, the Doncaster-based teleconferencing service has reported a 3-fold increase in new business in February 2010, with more and more global businesses taking advantage of their superior teleconferencing services, with the lowest rates available on the market today.

‘Weather isn’t something we can control just yet’, mused Simon Moxon, CEO of Meetupcall, but what we can control is our clients ability to ensure they have the best alternative to face to face communications available on the market today.’ ‘From SOHO’s and SME’s to global enterprise organisations, companies across the UK are experiencing the huge savings, increased ease and speed of inter- and extra- company communications they can conduct to keep their businesses thriving through the use of our service,’ Moxon continued. ‘Our robust systems have proven themselves time and time again, and we’re very pleased that the business world is turning to us to ensure they can communicate in the most cost effective, timely and technically competent fashion.’
On the back of a very successful launch of the Microsoft Outlook plug-in to all their offerings in January of this year, Moxon reports there are several exciting new additions to the service which are soon to be announced, adding that the product and service enhancements are currently ‘in the lab’, awaiting final test and roll out.
‘The next few weeks are very exciting for us and we look forward to introducing our new offerings and services to the market, so stay tuned,’ commented Moxon, ‘so we hope our clients and prospects will continue to watch our progress and share in the benefits of what we’re developing.’

About Meetupcall:
Founded in 2009, Meetupcall is a new technology start up with plenty of background and history in the industry. Our goal is to bring the best of high quality, low-cost teleconferencing services to all businesses, from SME’s to multi-national organisations.  At Meetupcall, we pride ourselves on our laser-like focus delivering flexible, innovative, reliable, simple to use and low-cost teleconferencing solutions... and that’s all. Doncaster, UK-based, Meetupcall supports and promotes responsible and green business and is heavily involved in promoting Green business throughout the Doncaster and Yorkshire area.

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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