How to deliver over the phone training or tele-seminars

More and more at Meetupcall we are having customers that are utilising our conference call services to carry our seminars or training sessions over the phone.  These 'tele-seminars' as they are called in the US, cover a range of topics from religion, self improvement, leadership through to organisation specific training.

Generally they last about one hour and follow the format of a lecture followed by a question and answers session.  With anything up to 1000 people attending the calls, tele-seminars are a great cost-effective way to promote a product or service or educate and train your clients, customers and staff about a specific topic.

Below are a few tips on how you can use Meetupcall conference call services to host your own tele-seminars or deliver over the phone training sessions:

  1. Decide on the subject matter and target audience.  Will you be running the session yourself?  Will you have an outside subject matter expert?
  2. Determine if you are going to charge for the service or if it will be free.  If the service will be free then our Meetupcall PAYG service will spread the cost of the call across all participants.  If wish to charge for the call then our Meetupcall Select service will allow you to provide toll-free numbers for your clients to dial-in.
  3. Determine the length of your session.  The overall length of your session will be dictated by the number of topics you wish to cover.  Typically 5 minutes is considered the most effective amount of time to spend on each question or tactic.
  4. Record the training session / seminar.  All Meetupcall conference services come with a conference call recording facility.  By recording your call you can not only analyse how well it went, but re-distribute to those that were unable to make the session
  5. Ensure your non-participating attendees are mutedTo minimise background noise you should instruct any attendees to mute their mic while they are not participating.  They can do mute / unmute themselves by pressing *0 during the call.
  6. Always start your teleseminar on time.  Meetupcall is an on-demand service, so you can always join the call a few minutes early to be prepareed.
  7. Introduce yourself and explain why you are an expert on the subject matter.  So your attendees are more receptive you what you are about to teach you should give information about your background.  Ideally you should spend only 1 minute or so giving them the relevant information and not your life story.
  8. Take breaks every 30 minutes. It is a good idea to take a break every 30 minutes or so to keep the interest of your attendees.  The break could be in the form of a coffee break or it could just be a brief Q&A session.
  9. At the end of the session, summarise the call.  At the end of the session you should summarise everything you have discussed, and if you are promoting a product and service, then this is also the time at which you should introduce it.
  10. Thank your attendess (and subject matter expert) and end the call.  You will then be emailed the recording which you can send to the participants for reference or save for future use.


If you are interested in running you own tele-seminar or over the phone training session, then please feel free contact us on 08000 80 70 80 or email us at


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