Teleconferencing the Green Way

Teleconferencing the Green Way with New Meetupcall Website Carbon Footprint Calculator Helping save the planet by understanding and lowering CO2 footprint in ways that impact both your business and the environment in a positive way.

Doncaster, UK, - April 2010: Meetupcall (, the South Yorkshire-based low-cost teleconferencing provider now provides a useful CO2 calculator on their website. Designed to help organisations of all sizes determine how many tonnes of CO2 they are generating through business travel, the calculator can be used to help make decidedly lesser polluting communication choices.

Whether travelling a few miles or across the globe, via road, train or plane, to meet colleagues, attend meetings and see customers and prospects means an impact on your carbon footprint...but how much of an impact?

By simply plugging in the average total mileage businesses cover in an average year into the Meetupcall CO2 Calculator and pressing the calculate button, users can immediately view the numbers. And, however small, businesses replacing even half of their regular face-to-face meetings with teleconferencing can make a huge impact on our planet’s environment whilst saving time and money.  In today’s environmentally sensitive business climate, that can only be good for your organisation, enhancing your ‘green credentials’ with customers and partners who, more and more, are seeking to do business with corporately responsible providers.

‘We all need to do our part to help lower carbon emissions,’ said Simon Moxon, CEO of Meetupcall. ‘We’ve added the calculator to show just how significantly businesses can change the direction our planet is taking by decreasing travel and increasing customer and inter-company communications via teleconferencing—all of which is more cost effective and time saving in the bargain. It certainly has changed the way we work within Meetupcall!’

Founded in 2009, Meetupcall is a new technology start up with plenty of background and history in the industry. Our goal is to bring the best of high quality, low-cost teleconferencing services to all businesses, from SME’s to multi-national organisations. At Meetupcall, we pride ourselves on our laser-like focus delivering flexible, innovative, reliable, simple to use and low-cost teleconferencing solutions... and that’s all. Doncaster, UK-based, Meetupcall supports and promotes responsible and green business and is heavily involved in promoting Green business throughout the Doncaster and Yorkshire area.

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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