How conference calling could help out in times of strike action

Business is built on communication; both internal and external communication creates a healthy and successful business. If your company suffers from a breakdown of communication or strike action is announced, it is vital that your ability to communicate is proactive, coherent and immediate. The longer strike action and discussions go on the more serious the damage. Your clients, customers and industry reputation can be affected by the inability to resolve these issues, not to mention the feeling within the company as a whole.

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Recent action against British Airways is a prime example of the extent at which strike action can create irrevocable damage on business; the strong client base was severely reduced due to the prolonged negotiations and severe inconvenience. A short period of disruption is the only necessity agreed by both parties.

Communication channels need to be established as soon as possible in times of strike action, union members and legal representatives need to be contacted in order to start the negotiating process. Any way of reducing this lengthy process can have immediate results, providing a clear way to a speedy resolution.

Conference calls are an effective way of bringing the dispute to the table, reducing the difficulty in organising meetings and communicating information to multiple sources. Large organisations with numerous members located nationwide need to communicate quickly, without time consuming travel and large costs. Allowing your team to have conference calling capabilities without any hassle, simply agree a time, and commence a meeting, without any upheaval. You can have all your office documents, PC and resources available to hand at your desk, rather than carting them to a physical meeting - not to mention the impact to the enviroment and you wallet that this causes.

The evolution of communication technology has made incredible headway in many areas of business, email, mobile apps, and VOIP have empowered businesses and individuals allowing them to grow with scalable technology with improved efficiency whilst giving them the tools to maximise their potential. In times of strike, the demand for effective communication has never been higher.

Conference calling services can reduce communication times and bring parties together, opening up communication channels quickly and efficiently. The ability to coordinate your team effectively and talk to members of your company at a moments notice has great affect to the robustness of your business. With conference calling you can not only resolve strike action and internal disputes quickly, but your increased communication gives you the tools to prevent drastic actions and discuss issues prior to strikes. With effective communication, strikes are avoidable; issues can be discussed effectively without any action being taken.

When thinking about your company would deal with internal issues and strike action, imagine if you didn't have to!

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