Tools for Home Working: Conference Call Services

Whether you are working from home with your own small business or your home is a remote office within a large organization, there are a number of tools that can help you work more efficiently, productively and effectively. One such tool is a conference call service, which will allow you to keep in touch with colleague, employees or clients and arrange meetings that can be held over the phone.

Among large companies, teleconferencing, or conference calling, is becoming a popular method of communicating, which can save a business precious time and money.

So, what is a conference call service and what should you know about them?

A conference call service is, as its name suggests, a service that provides bridging technology to allow three or more people to connect to a single phone call. Of course, there are many different types of conferencing service available; all will have varying payment methods and differing charges.

The right conference call service will depend upon your needs, how often you intend to use teleconferencing and what features you want from the service. If, for example, you will use conference calling frequently to speak with clients or prospects, then to get the best deal, a monthly tariff service such as Meetupcall Select would suit.  This service would provide you with international dial-in numbers from most countries around the globe as well as conference call recording.

However, if you are a small business, only use the service infrequently, and would like to share the cost of the conference among each of the participants then an instant conference call service such as Meetupcall PAYG would be more suited.  Meetupcall Pay As You Go is charged directly to each participants telephone, which means there is no bill or monthly invoice and each party shares the cost of the call.  Ideal for internal conference calls or conference calls with suppliers.

To get the absolute lowest prices for conference calls then you should look at Meetupcall Bundles.  This service is ideal for organisations with large volumes of conference calls that are relatively consistent in terms of monthly volume.  Very much like a mobile phone tariff, Meetupcall Bundles provides you with a bundle of conference call minutes for a fixed monthly fee and offers the lowest absolute per minute prices.

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