Meetings are a waste of time

Meetings are a waste of time.  Here's why:

What makes them the biggest waste of time though is the fact they are scheduled in 30 minute or one hour chunks, because that's how the scheduling software works.

When did you last receive a seven minute Outlook invite?  If it only takes seven minutes to achieve a goal, then seven minutes should be enough, but somehow meetings very rarely are before their allotted time.

If you schedule a one hour meeting and you invite ten people to attend, that's not a one hour meeting!  That's a ten hour meeting, ten hours of productivity swapped for a one hour meeting.  If you take into account the time to stop what you're doing, go somewhere else and meet, and resume what you were doing beforehand it's probably closer to 15 hours.

If you absolutely must get together (and conference calls won't do) then try and make you meeting a productive one by sticking to these rules:

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