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We consider Meetupcall to be a pretty useful tool for aiding productivity.  Not having to get up from your desk (or even actually stop working) and go to a meeting saves time.  Conference calls are a productive way to discuss work with colleagues, suppliers or customers without all the ancillary stuff that comes with a regular meeting.  With that in mind I thought it might be useful to list a couple of other great productivity tools that I like:

Dropbox - This has been a favourite of mine for a while now.  Once installed Dropbox creates a special folder on your PC or Mac into which any files you place will be automatically synced over the internet back to Dropbox’s  servers.  Not only does this provide a great backup function for your important files, but any other machine you have Dropbox installed on can now access these same files.  This is invaluable, if like me, you use 4 or 5 different devices throughout the course of a week.  You can even share folders with other Dropbox users to create your own virtual small scale file server.  The iPhone / iPad apps mean you can also reference all your files on the go.  Need more space and you can buy it or you get 2Gb storage for free and additional 250mb for any referrals, so please click the link above and sign up!

Remember The Milk - I have pretty much tried every task management application out there and have finally settled on Remember The Milk as the only one I can really get on with.  With RTM you can have as many todo lists as you need and can easily move tasks from one to the other and set priorities via a simple 1-2-3 system.  You can view tasks by when they are due, such as today's tasks or tomorrows tasks and have overdue tasks highlighted so you can quickly identify them.

With a neat AJAX interface, keyboard shortcuts, iPhone App and integration in twitter, Gmail and Google calendar you can keep on top of you task list from pretty much anywhere.

I'll be adding more useful apps over the coming weeks, but would welcome any suggestions on apps I should try.

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