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When a client or co-worker asks what your company is doing to cut its carbon emissions and reduce its footprint, do you have a considered and progressive answer to give – or do you pretend you have to take a call on your smartphone, and hurry away?

If you do run, you can’t run forever. Already, whether you believe the science or not when it comes to climate change predictions, businesses acting to reduce their carbon emissions and introduce sustainability policies for future growth are looked upon more favourably by the general public than those companies that refuse to engage with the issues in constructive ways.

Nobody cares what size your feet are, of course. What matters is the polluting footprint you and your business leave on the environment – more specifically, what you can to do to start cleaning up your act. It’s easier than you might think.

At Meetupcall we believe it’s important to be positive and provide our customers with information on how you can not only start to cut your carbon footprint today but save money in the process as well.

We don’t pretend to be climate change experts. What we do know a lot about are high-quality and low-cost teleconferencing solutions, the deployment of which can help your business significantly cut back on its CO2 emissions.

By implementing any of our great value teleconferencing packages – PAYG, Select or Bundle – your company can immediately reduce non-critical business travel and CO2 emissions, with the telephone effectively taking business and fossil fuel usage away from the aeroplane and, in many instances, the car as well (a one-way journey of 200kms in a large car, for example, pumps approximately 51.5kg of CO2 into the atmosphere).

Our reliable and secure networks provide you with excellent call quality at a tiny fraction of how much you can spend on air travel, petrol, car hire, hotels, food, drink, evening activities and many other expenses.

Setting aside the environmental concerns just for a moment, what’s often not given either a monetary or strategic value is time itself. If your employees aren’t on an aeroplane or driving long-distance, then the chances are much higher that they’re talking business with clients instead or otherwise meaningfully engaged in building real company success – and not just twiddling their thumbs waiting for take-off.

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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