International conference calls for business

In today’s globalised business world it is more important than ever to be able to converse with colleagues, clients, customers and suppliers in every corner of the globe. Conference calling is an ideal way to facilitate these conversations in a fashion that is efficient, effective and allows for the nuances of speech to be accurately transmitted. However, when using conference calls for international business purposes there are some important considerations to be aware of.

Time Zones

It is both courteous and good business sense to check the time zones of all participants in the conference call before scheduling it. While some contacts or employees may not desire to actively complain about unsociable hours, such a scheduling may require a lot of work on their end. Someone who has had to stay up late or wake up early is also unlikely to perform their best or take as much benefit from the conference call.

Language Barriers

International business often requires dealing with people who are not fluent in the language of the conference call. It may be a good idea to enquire ahead of time into any need for translators to be added to the conference call. The call recording features offered by Meetupcall are wonderful tools for helping to overcome language barriers as participants can play back through the call to double-check any exchanges that they may have misunderstood.

Figures of Speech and Examples

It is a natural part of language to use various idioms and familiar examples to make concepts clearer and better understood. However, when conversing internationally, these familiar phrases and examples may not be familiar to those you are speaking with. Be careful not to make an issue more complicated by using overly colloquial language or examples that are particular to your own culture and be sure to ask for clarification from others if you find them unclear.

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