Conference calls for Consultants

There are many industries where taking consultations over the phone using teleconferencing facilities can be beneficial. When you're dealing with people on the phone regularly, using conferencing makes sense. It allows you to make calls cheaply, easily and reliably.

Meetupcall offer a number of cost effective teleconferencing services which allow you to conduct consultations with as many people as you need to. The nature of conference calling means that calls can be easily pre-arranged, so you have plenty of time to prepare for the consultation in advance– something that can be vital when dealing with sensitive medical or financial consultations, for example. You can invite people to a consultation using Meetupcall conferencing services in any way that you feel appropriate, and at any time of day – the service runs 24/7. It's also international, so if you need to consult with people abroad, you can do so easily. You don't have to arrange your conference call in advance if you don't want or need to – some consultations might be better being organised at short notice, as Meetupcall is reservation-less, that's fine.

If you're conducting consultations regularly, then you're almost certainly looking for ways to drive down the cost of them. Using teleconferencing for consultations helps you do that, by reducing travel time for your employees, or if you would normally ask consultees to come to you, it saves on meeting room use and catering costs. It also helps create goodwill, as you're not asking people to take time out of their day for your consultation. This normally ends up saving money too, as if people have a positive attitude to your organisation, they're more likely to use and trust in it in future. Meetupcall offers conferencing at rates starting from 2.5p a minute – compared to the costs of face to face consultations, that's a significant saving.


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