Teleconferencing For Retail

Retail is increasingly a national and international business. Chains of stores can be located across varied locations, and even small independent operations can operate international procurement. In this globalised retail world, being able to communicate quickly and easily can be vital to success. Using a reliable teleconferencing service, such as Meetupcall, is an easy way to achieve this.

Many retail business are already making use of teleconferencing. For example, supermarket chain Netto signed up to Meetupcall because they needed a value for money teleconferencing solution that wouldn't compromise on quality (see client testimonials). Those are values close to heart of most retailers today: aiming to provide their customers with the best quality they can, for the lowest possible price is what makes for competitiveness.

Teleconferencing services allow retailers to save money by doing away with much of the need for traditional face to face meetings, with all their attendant costs. These include travel costs, staff subsistence and catering, and costs in terms of staff time and use of meeting facilities. If teleconferencing can replace meetings with colleagues in other parts of the UK and abroad, it has the potential to save huge amounts.

Teleconferencing is also flexible. If the fast-paced world of retail, that can be vital. It provides the ability to call up a busy supplier on the other side of the world to discuss an urgent issue without much need for pre-planning. Unlike one-to-one calling, it allows as many people as are needed to be involved in the call, meaning that there is no need to spend time after a call relaying information and action points.


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