It’s Good to Leave Feedback

When Bob Hoskins first uttered the words, “it’s good to talk”, few people could have anticipated how excruciatingly catchy the slogan would become.

Even fewer would have been sufficiently moved by the phrase as to make an emotional call to a long-lost relative, but somehow the words stuck – perhaps not in hearts and minds, but certainly in the deepest recesses of the brain, where the Crazy Frog ringtone and GoCompare’s opera singer now reside.

Of course, old Bob was right: it is good to talk. Communication is what separates humans from lesser species (amoebas and possibly silverfish, for example). Communication is the means by which humanity has evolved so rapidly, which is why, in the spirit of development, we are asking our customers to communicate with us in the most productive way possible: by leaving feedback.

We are inviting customers to navigate their way to – a third-party website that provides a place for people to review companies and leave comments about their products and services. We are not fishing for high-fives and back-slaps, just honest assessments of the service we provide – where you think we excel and how you think we may be able to progress the business. So, if you have something good or bad to say about us, please make your way to Trustpilot and vent your thoughts.

Remaining on the subject of communication and how good it is to talk, we would like to extend the opportunity for customers to interact with us more closely. If you have accounts with Twitter and Facebook, arguably the two most popular social networking tools in existence, why not ‘follow’ or ‘like’ us?

We frequently use Twitter and Facebook to notify customers of service updates, product developments and so on. The websites can also be used by customers who wish to leave feedback to a wider audience – and we are likely to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ back, unlike many companies!

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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