Top 10 Green Business Ideas: Creating a Fingerprint

Energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability have become more than mere buzzwords: the terms are of critical importance to the success of small, medium and large size enterprises.

As governments and members of the public continue to apply pressure on companies to improve their environmental credentials, business leaders are realising that CO2 footprints must be turned into fingerprints in order for firms to retain consumer confidence. Provided below is a list of the top ten green biz ideas.

1. Hibernation

Many firms leave computers on round-the-clock at an enormous cost to the environment. Ensuring that computers are set to power down or hibernate after a period of inactivity can save on energy bills while reducing carbon emissions.

2. Eco-PCs

Computer components need not be power-hungry. Replacing old processors, energy inefficient monitors and fast-spinning hard drives with more environmentally friendly alternatives can make a surprising difference.

3. Teleconferencing

A company can reduce its carbon footprint by availing of teleconferencing technology, which enables managers and staff to conduct group meetings over the phone without ever having to leave the office – a great way to save on travel expenses, too.

4. Microgeneration

Solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal boilers can produce free energy for use throughout the office. Solar panels are particularly useful, as any excess electricity that is generated can be sold to the grid under the UK Government’s feed-in tariff scheme.

5. Recycling

Do all companies recycle? Of course not. Outsourcing waste and recycling can constitute a valuable step towards reducing the carbon footprint of a business.

6. Motion Sensor Lights

Why light all rooms in a building when just a few are in use? Motion sensor lights ensure that energy is not wasted on lighting unoccupied corners of the office.

7. Hybrid/Electric Company Cars

In this age of extortionate fuel prices and dwindling supplies of oil, hybrid and electric vehicles offer a sensible solution when it comes to buying company cars.

8. Draught Proofing

A properly insulated building can reduce heat loss by as much as 40 per cent, thereby reducing reliance on heating.

9. New Lights

Replacing old bulbs with new, energy efficient alternatives can reduce carbon output significantly over the year.

10. Paperless Services

Companies can help the environment by reducing the amount of paper they consume – why contribute to deforestation when paperless methods are generally favoured by customers?

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