Companies urged to teleconference during the London olympics

Commuting in London in the heat of July and August is hardly ever fun. Imagine having to share the daily grind with millions of sports fans.

That’s what’s happening 10 months from now when the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games turn the capital’s roads and transport systems into a sticky, seething hellhole. The multi billion pound transport upgrade to London’s public transport currently underway is not expected to touch the sides when it comes to easing the daily commute during the two Games which run from July 27 to September 9 next year.

Olympics organisers have signed a contract saying they will get athletes and technical officials to venues in time, but there are such no guarantees for workers.

In fact for a year they have been begging employers to take pressure off London’s transport systems during the Games by scrapping face-to-face meetings and setting up teleconferencing.

Last November, Transport Minister Norman Baker called on employers to reduce their need for travel during the Games by adopting smarter ways of working - like video and teleconferencing and home working.

Currently Londoners make 3.5 million journeys a day on the London Underground. Spectators will make another 20 million trips over the course of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – including three million on the busiest day.

The capital’s transport system will be coping with up to 800,000 spectators each day, plus 55,000 athletes, officials, media and others working on the event.

Organising committee London 2012 has published a how-to guide showing employers how to survive the Games. It says teleconferencing is “beneficial to consider in depth” for large and small office-based, professional, retail, personal service, tourism, leisure, food and entertainment business types.

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London 2012’s how-to guide for surviving the Games is here:

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