Meetupcall: The simplest and quickest way to host and join conference calls

Think of back to the first conference call you took part in. Now think back to the most recent. The same right? Loads of phone numbers to remember, participant PINs, leader PINs, crappy hold music, people turning up late, people not turning up at all, etc. etc.

With Meetupcall we have tried to fix conference calls and make them as simple and quick as possible to host and join:

What you need to do to host a Meetupcall conference call:

  1. Create an appointment in your favourite calendar app or smartphone.
  2. Add your delegates as attendees to the appointment.
  3. Add too.

What Meetupcall will do:

Send an e-mail to each of your delegates customised specifically for them, providing them with a dial-in number based on their actual location. It looks something like this:

What your delegates need to do to join the Meetupcall conference call:

To join from a smartphone:
Tap the ‘auto-join’ link to be placed straight into the call without entering any PINs.

To be called at the start time:
Click the let us call you button, enter their phone number and Meetupcall will call a few seconds before the start.

To join from a landline:
Use the regular dial-in details and follow the instructions.

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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