Meetupcall Launches Next Generation ‘Social’ Conference Call Service

Meetupcall Launches Next Generation ‘Social’ Conference Call Service

Doncaster, UK, July 20th 2012 - Meetupcall is set to revolutionise call conferencing with its launch today of a new product that integrates with LinkedIn’s professional social media service. For the first time ever, conference call users can seamlessly connect participants with their LinkedIn profiles, instantly viewing who they are talking to, the company they work for, their job title, photograph and location. As a result, all callers know what the other participants look like, what they do, and where they are based, significantly enhancing the conference call experience.

UK based Meetupcall already provides the simplest, quickest and smartest way for businesses to host and join conference calls. Using the ‘Easy Invite’ feature, conference call organisers can arrange conference calls in seconds by simply including on an appointment on their favourite calendar app or smartphone. Meetupcall then automatically co-ordinates all call logistics on behalf of the host.

Now, thanks to its groundbreaking, industry first LinkedIn integration, Meetupcall provides customers with the ultimate experience in next generation, social conference calling.
“Social media is now integral to most people’s business and personal lives. As such, we believe that our conference call service should reflect this fundamental change in social interaction,” explains Meetupcall Founder, Simon Moxon.

“Speaking on a conference call, if you’ve never met the delegates it can be confusing to know who is who. Putting a face to a name can also be useful when the call is to be followed up by a face-to-face meeting.”

The seamless integration of LinkedIn reflects Meetupcall’s dedication to providing customers with a user-friendly service. Simon Moxon explains how it works; “When you use the Meetupcall ‘Easy Invite’ feature, Meetupcall sends your delegates the conference call access details via a personalised e-mail. That e-mail provides a local dial-in number based on each person actual location, converts the date and time into their local time zone and pulls delegates’ information from public LinkedIn profiles. It is all seamless and does not require any work or technical capability on behalf of the user.”

The Meetupcall service is designed to address the common, frustrating problems of traditional conference call services, which are complicated to set-up and use. In addition to LinkedIn profiles, delegates can choose to be called before the scheduled start time or enjoy one-click dialing from their smartphone. They can even get a recording of the call delivered to them via e-mail.

The service also eliminates the need for participant and leader PINs, for country-specific dial-in numbers or for the host to issue call invitations. As a result, Meetupcall has successfully transformed the clunky conference call experience into a one-step set-up that is user-friendly and hassle-free for both hosts and participants.

With no sign-up fees, Meetupcall offers a free plan as well as a pay-as-you-go plan and a number of competitively priced monthly subscription tiers suitable for any size organisation.
“Meetupcall has always made it as simple as possible for both the organiser to arrange a call and for the delegates to join them,” continued Simon Moxon. “Now, with our groundbreaking participant profiles feature, we have succeeded in taking our already successful service, to the next exciting level.

Many global brands such as Netto, EasyJet and Chanel already trust Meetupcall to provide their conference call services.

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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