How was your conference call?

Meetupcall is now doing hundreds of conference calls a day with thousands of participants in connecting to calls from over 60 different countries from landlines, mobiles and VOIP devices. That's a lot of different potential combinations of end users, and we want to make sure every one has the best conference call experience possible.

With that in mind, last week we introduced our automated feedback service, so at the end of your conference call you may receive one of our automated e-mails asking you how your conference call went, and we'd be grateful if you'd let us know.

As always, we've kept it simple, so it should literally take you less than 10 seconds to chose whether your call was 'Not good', 'Okay' or 'Great'. We'll only be sending these for a small percentage of calls, so don't worry about us bombarding you with e-mails, and if you don't want to contribute you will be able to easily opt-out of ever providing feedback should you wish to do so.

Your feedback will allow us to continue offering the best service possible, so thanks!

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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