Conference Call Customer Profile: Joma Bakery

Joma is a small, independent chain of cafes throughout Laos and Vietnam, serving western-style dishes, baked goods, and one of the best cups of (fair trade, organic) coffee you can find in Southeast Asia since 1999.

Our mission is to set the standard for high-quality food and coffee and provide exceptional customer service. Most importantly, we achieve this by making social responsibility our first priority. With our 2% for People & Planet program, we contribute 2% of every sale to charitable organizations in the communities around our cafes. We've partnered with organizations such as Hagar International to provide career training and employment opportunities to victims of trafficking and abuse. This is also our aim in the way we work with our staff. We invest in our employees to help them grow as leaders, both within the company and in their community. We offer fair wages and a supportive work environment that fosters integrity and encourages high performance.

Running a small but growing business between several different countries means we work closely with remotely based colleagues. So we use Meetupcall as a reliable and convenient way to host the meetings of our executive board, which has members all around the world.

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