Conference Call Customer Profile: RSA Films

In 1968, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott created a film and television advertising commercials Production Company in the United Kingdom where they, and other directors, could create ground breaking commercials. RSA Films, now has offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong is one of the leading commercial production companies in the world.

RSA Films has established a reputation for excellence and innovation that is revered throughout the industry, with Ridley Scott’s 1984 Apple Computer spot voted the “Best Commercial of All-Time” .RSA Films produce commercials all over the world, and our production teams are constantly travelling the globe. Because of this, we need to be able to hold regular professional style conference calls wherever we are, and that is where Meetupcall comes in. We have been using the service for a couple of years now, because it is simple to use, always available and cost effective.

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Simon Moxon is founder and CEO of Meetupcall. A life-long geek turned entrepreneur currently having fun growing Meetupcall into a proper company.

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