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"Meetupcall allows our team to meet whatever the time of day and wherever they are...."

The company's platform technology, SiSafe®, is a synergistic drug delivery formula that uses bioactive nanosilicon to provide enhanced stability, bioavailability, targeting and controlled release of active compounds, including compounds that are difficult to formulate because of their lack of solubility.

SISAF commercialises its technology through licensing agreements, joint ventures and partnerships on a product-by-product basis. SiSafe® enables the full development and registration of products that have yet to reach the market and/or enhance the sales of products whose market potential is limited due to issues of stability, bioavailability and/or toxicity.

SISAF is headquartered in Northern Ireland but has also an office in Silicon Valley and several of its board members are based on the West Coast of the U.S. Most management and board meetings are therefore done over the phone, with team members calling in from several different locations. Because of the time difference, teleconferences often take place at hours when the UK based team are no longer in the office. Meetupcall allows our team to meet whatever the time of day and wherever they are.

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