Conference Call Customer Profile: IP Pragmatics

IP Pragmatics Limited is a privately owned specialist IP consultancy and service provider headquartered in London, UK and with offices in Singapore and Australia. The firm’s team of experienced consultants have particular expertise in life sciences and biotechnology. IP Pragmatics enjoys a successful partnership with patent and trademark renewals service provider IPRIS. In 2011 IP Pragmatics formed a joint venture, Patrafee UK Limited, with Patrafee AB, to develop its IP management services, including the unique patent cost forecasting tool, IP Forecaster.

IP Pragmatics helps its clients identify, manage and create value from a broad range of intellectual property assets through a combination of value creation and cost management services. Services include: Intellectual property auditing, patent management strategy and tools, market research, valuations, business development and licensing, annuity and patent renewal payments.

We have clients and business partners globally and need a reliable and flexible teleconference facility, which different users can access at the same time without pre-booking. Meetupcall meets these needs; plus we have made significant savings by switching from our previous provider.

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