Invite Re-design – More than just a lick of paint

As of today the new Meetupcall invite design is live and this is what it looks like! Not only is it better looking, but we've also made a few other improvements we hope you will love:

Responsive design for mobile devices:
The invite e-mail we send out to your delegates is now fully responsive, meaning it looks great and is easy to read read on mobile and tablet devices as well as on your desktop. No more tiny fonts or scrolling around on your phone screen to read the mail.

You can now edit your own profiles:
We initially pull the information on the ‘On this Meetupcall’ section from social networks, but now each delegates can override or add information to their profiles by clicking the ‘edit’ button on the invite e-mail.

Improved country and timezone detection:
We’re continually improving our country and timezone detection algorithms to make sure we give your delegates the most appropriate dial-in numbers and information. Our latest changes drastically improve the accuracy as well as allowing each delegate to override the detected location should they wish to do so.

As always if you have any comments or feedback, please leave them below or drop us an email at

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