Case Study: Explore Learning


Q. What problems did you face before turning to Meetupcall?

A. The move to Meetupcall really stemmed from our requirements as a business to be able to properly control our audio conferencing. We had been using Meeting Zone for a number of years and the costs and services seemed to be out of control and inconsistent with what we were looking to achieve.

Meetupcall provided us with exactly what we were looking for, a customised plan that was fit for purpose, intuitive to use, easy to manage and most importantly high quality voice. Our previous provider suffered from higher costs, lower quality of voice and user experience. This has been fully addressed with the new service from Meetupcall.


Q. What made you choose Meetupcall over anyone else?

A. Customer service from the start was great, the tool and how intuitive it was to use was excellent and the features along with screen sharing were all of a bonus.


Q. How was your experience of the deployment of our solution?

A. It was simple and quick the team at Meetupcall on-boarded our staff over a couple of remote demo sessions and since then we have internally been bringing everyone else onto the tool. It has been so straightforward, we haven’t had any negative responses from our staff all has been great and they are now all fully using the services daily.


Q. Results to date

A. Drastic from our improvements in internal communications, cost, quality and function, this enabled us to easily be able to forward plan the service around our growth and continues to help our communication with all departments.

Saving wise we have significantly reduced our bills but more importantly we have a clear defined billing platform that allows us to forward plan as we grow, and as an extra benefit not feel like we lose out on the service by our unused minutes rolling over into the following month. Just a great tool and a great fit for us as a business.


About Explore Learning
Established in 2001 by founder Bill Mills, Explore Learning have made education accessible to all young learners regardless of their means, background, or ability. Today, have helped well over 175,000 members, worked with thousands of schools and community groups, and won countless awards.


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