We’ve improved our conference call dashboard

We've recently made some changes to our conference call dashboard in order to improve the whole user experience. Whilst nothing major has changed in how the dashboard functions, we have done a lot of work 'under the hood'. This will enable us to build and launch new features faster than ever before.


Here's a quick overview of the changes that have been made:


Conference call page

Leaders are now able to navigate through their conference history, the numbers page and the settings page during an active conference call without having separate tabs open.


Hide attendee profiles and pictures

When a leader enables the 'hide attendee photos and profiles' setting on their account, the attendee profile cards will now be anonymised on the conference call page.

Attendees will be unable to see the profiles, names and job titles of the other attendees that have been invited to the conference call. Leaders will still be able to see the profile cards for all the attendees they invited to the conference.


Reconnect conferences

If a conference call is ended prematurely for any reason, it is now possible to reconnect the conference call without having to arrange a new conference. Simply click the 'reconnect conference' button on the after call page.


Multi-part conference calls

When attendees disconnect and reconnect to a conference, completed call records for each part of the conference are now grouped together for the leader to view and share.

This means the leader can easily switch between the separate parts of the conference, and listen to call recordings for each part.


Sign up for your free trial today or log in to your account and see the new and improved dashboard for yourself.

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