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Anyone that's ever held more than a couple of conference calls will understand that it's not as simple as giving out a conference ID and expecting everyone to join the call faultlessly. In fact, there's numerous hoops that both you and your attendees need to jump through to make a conference call a success. Luckily for you, we've launched numerous features over the past 12 months to make this entire process as painless as possible...

Here's a 12 month recap on how we've been making conference calls as painless as possible:

In-call management has never been so good!

Today, we go live with the new Conference Call Dashboard and it's a big leap forward in usability. Here's what we've done:


The biggest improvement we've made to the dashboard is to the live-call view. You can now see who is on the call, which means that you can:

  1. No need for a time consuming roll call, because you can now see names of those on the call
  2. But what about those that are late? Make use of the 'Dial-out' feature and we'll patch late attendees straight in to your call
  3. Did someone drop from the call? One tap of the 'Reconnect' link and we'll have them back in on the call in seconds


Is everyone that needs to be on the call now dialed in? Great, now lock the room and benefit from:

  1. Additional privacy, in case a third party (not welcome) wants to join call
  2. Stop late-late attendees from joining call and interrupting your flow


Now the call is underway, it's time to shine (and keep control). We help you do this by showing you just who's talking so you can:

  1. Put names to faces and faces to voices
  2. This in turn helps you build a better rapport for future meetings - especially when it's in person


We also show additional details such as job title, seniority and incumbent organisation, which means you can better communicate due to:

  1. Understand seniority
  2. Focus on the decision makers
  3. Stops awkwardness; especially if 2 or more people with same name


Lastly, but not least - take full audio control (listening & speaking):

  1. 'Mute' disturbances, such as paper rustlers and hard hitters (of keyboard)
  2. 'Kick' out those that are no longer required on the call to ensure total privacy


Already a customer? This new functionality release of the Conference Call Dashboard is now live on your account and can accessed by logging in at:

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