Secure conference IDs – you’re now 1 in a billion

An additional layer of conference call security

We all love the idea of more security, but none of us like the idea of the additional requirements asked from us to be able to get in to our own accounts; be it online banking, or a social network. Thankfully, we've just rolled out a new layer of security, but don't worry; there's no added complexity for you, or your attendees to handle.


1 Unique identifier and a billion possibilities

Now, by default, when you arrange a conference call via the Easy Invite, each attendee will be sent out a unique 9-digit secure conference ID which is only valid for the duration of the call and is then disposed of (automatically). This new secure conference ID does away with anyone having to enter an 8-digit shared conference room ID, now making it a 1 in a billion chance of anyone being able to guess your dial-in details.


Real world example uses by our customers

It's all well and good us telling you that you are 1 in a billion, but in the real world, what does this mean for you? Here are a few examples of scenarios where our customers have told us this new layer of security will help them:

Third party suppliers/contractors - Invite third party suppliers on to a conference call and know that access is restricted to just those calls you invite them to.

High attendee calls - Do you really want to be giving out your shared conference ID to a large number of people?

Employee turnover - If you have high staff turnover, ex-employees eavesdropping on to calls will be a thing of the past.

Calls with clients - You and your clients will be safe in the knowledge that there will be no cross pollination of conference call details.


Do you hold a recurring conference call

If you have a scheduled recurring conference call, this is the only time the secure conference ID, while still unique per attendee, will stay the same for each follow-up call. However, if a participant is no longer required in future recurring calls, you can simply take this attendee out of the list and their secure conference ID will cease to work.


Additional security steps

Use the secure conference ID along with your conference call dashboard to further minimse risk of abuse:

View live conference dashboard - live view all those connecting to the conference call. Ensure only those required on the call, are those on the call.

Kick functionality - Have an unknown/unresponsive attendee on the call? Use our kick functionality and give them the boot.

Lock conference room - Once you know everyone is on the call - lock the room to ensure no one else can join.


You current shared conference ID will keep working, but...

Remember, although we have changed all accounts to start using secure conference IDs as a default, the master (shared ID) is still available on your account, so it would be good practice to give this previously shared master ID a refresh. So, unless you give it out again, no one will have access to it. It is in your best interest to convert your attendees to use the secure conference ID, rather than the shared version. However, if you really wish to, you can disable the secure conference ID feature.


Additional benefits of keeping secure IDs turned on

We have some exciting new features we are bringing to our customers over the next few weeks and months, of which, there will be additional benefits for those that keep the secured conference ID option enabled. Not convinced? Contact support to discuss further.

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