From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Meetupcall is the conference call service that connects businesses all around the world

With over 100 telephone numbers in more than 70 countries across the world, Meetupcall offers global coverage that is second to none.


Add into the mix our dial-out feature - which works in every country on the planet - and it is clear that there's no better solution than Meetupcall when it comes to doing business internationally.


Whether you’re an independent retailer based in the UK with suppliers from around the world, or if you’re the CEO of a multinational business who hosts regular conference calls, then Meetupcall is the ideal choice.


In fact, in the last 12 months alone attendees have joined Meetupcall conferences from 177 of the world's 197 countries.


When you sign up for any plan with Meetupcall, you instantly gain access to geographical numbers in 67 different countries – these are localised numbers that can be used by attendees in that country, avoiding the cost of dialling an expensive international telephone number.


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As well as these geographical numbers, Meetupcall also offers a further 56 toll-free international numbers. These allow an attendee to dial-in and incur no cost to themselves, whilst the leader of the call picks up the tab.


All of which means that Meetupcall provides customers with access to more international dial-in numbers than any other conference call provider.


In addition to this, Meetupcall’s range of features, backed up by unrivalled reliability, sound quality and 24/7 UK based customer support makes them the perfect choice for modern day business.


Try Meetupcall for yourself. View our pricing plans and sign up for a free 14-day trial, or call us directly on +44 (0)203 137 8933 and we can help set up your account today.

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