Never miss a meeting again with the conference call service that calls you!

Our new dial-out retry feature means that even if you miss our call the first time, we will try again to make sure you get onto your conference call when it starts.

With our dial-out feature Meetupcall can call you when your meeting is due to start and place you directly into your conference. This means you no longer have to set yourself reminders so you don’t forget about the call, or search through your emails to find your dial-in details two minutes before the call starts – perfect for when you’re conducting business on the move.

This feature has proven extremely popular with our users, however from the feedback we have received we found that lots of people were missing our call and then having to find their dial-in details and get onto the call manually.

To combat this issue, we have now launched our dial-out retry feature.

With dial-out retry we will call you at the start of your conference call, then if you don’t answer we will try you again twice more at two-minute intervals. Should you no longer wish to join the conference call, you can simply answer the call and press 2 when prompted and we won’t call you again.

The phone number we call you from is +44 (0)20 3031 6868, so if you have already arranged for us to call you for your next conference call, it may be worth saving us in your phonebook!

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