Stop making bad decisions at the end of your meetings

When you’re making decisions at the ‘business-end’ of an important meeting, you are more at risk of making impaired decisions. That's according to the results of a recent survey by Gensler.


The findings were part of a wider study into indoor and outdoor air quality, however the part of the study that really caught our eye was this graph:

The graph shows the results of just three people sitting in an average size conference room for a two-hour meeting. Amazingly, within just 60 minutes CO2 levels reach concentrations high enough to impair their ability to make the right decisions – in a meeting with more than three people, this would be even faster.


In a business world where thousands of important decisions are being made every second in meeting rooms around the globe, these findings are pretty disturbing.


So, what can you do to ensure you’re always in the right frame of mind when making decisions that could have a major impact on the future of your business?


Well, the wider Gensler study made the suggestion of installing a ‘living wall’ in your office space, or you could always conduct your meetings in the great outdoors – when the weather allows.


But if you need to find a more practical solution, then why not arrange a ‘virtual meeting’ via a conference call? You could host the call from the comfort of your own home, or head down to your favourite coffee shop and set yourself up in a quiet corner with your mobile phone, your laptop and a coconut-milk cappuccino, or whatever else takes your fancy.


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Meetupcall (as well as many other conference call providers) now offer a conference dashboard as part of their service. This enables you to conduct effective meetings, where everyone can see at a glance who else is on the call, their job titles, and who is speaking at any one time. What’s more, the meeting is recorded and can be stored indefinitely, meaning you’ll never miss an important point again.


So the next time you need to arrange a business meeting, why not set up a conference call? As well as saving on time, travel costs and emissions, you may also find yourself making better decisions at the end of the meeting.


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