Take off the blindfold. Our new conference call dashboard is live now!

Sorry who said that? What’s your name again? Which company are you from?

Sometimes conference calls can feel like you’re sat in a face to face meeting whilst wearing a blindfold, especially if there’s lots of attendees on the call, or people you’ve not met before.

But with Meetupcall’s new conference call dashboard, you can see exactly who is on the call.

See a profile picture of each attendee, find out their job titles, get links to social profiles and much more.

Whilst previously the dashboard was only available to the leader of the call, it is now open for everyone to use. Featuring a new interface that works seamlessly across both desktop and mobile devices, the intuitive design makes it easy to see exactly who is speaking at any one time – meaning no more delays whilst people ask who said what.

What’s more, the leader is able to quickly mute or kick attendees from the call if they need to, as well as sharing their screen and dialling out to add new attendees to the call.

Here’s how it looks...

Once the call has finished, the leader is taken to an aftercall summary page, where you can listen back to the call and watch a recording of the screen share. You will also see a call log showing the times that everyone joined and left the call, plus a button to quickly share this aftercall page with anybody who may need to see it.

All leaders will be able to use the new dashboard when logged into their account, whilst attendees can also view the dashboard when any call is arranged through our Easy Invite feature - simply click the 'View this call' button on the email invitation.

Click here to login to your account and start using our all new conference call dashboard today.

Don’t have an account yet? Click here to view our pricing plans and to sign up for a free 14-day trial, or call us on +44 (0)203 137 8933 to discuss your requirements.

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