Conference Call Dominican Republic

Conference Calls services for Dominican Republic

How to set up a conference call from Dominican Republic:

  1. Want to host a call from Dominican Republic? Create an account
  2. Dial 02004530 (toll-free) or 8299469204 (standard)
  3. Enter your conference ID
  4. Wait for your attendees to join

Hola! When you need to create a conference call with either other people in the Dominican Republic or anywhere else in the world, we’ve created the world’s most simplest method of doing this – simply sign up and dial in from either the below local or toll-free Dominican Republic telephone number and invite other participants. Other participants from elsewhere around the globe? No Problem! When you signup, you and your participants also have the opportunity to dial in from anyone of our 60+ worldwide local geographical phone numbers.

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Alternatively, read on below to find out more about setting up a conference call from the Dominican Republic.

Dial-in Dominican Republic Conference Call Numbers

Standard dial-in number +1829 9469204 See all dial-in numbers
Toll-free dial-in number 02004530 ‡ See all toll-free numbers

Dominican Republic Conference Call Services Pricing

Standard dial-in Included with all our paid plans See all plans
Toll-free dial-in See toll-free pricing
Dial-out to landlines See how it works
Dial-out to mobiles See how it works

Country Information for your Conference Call to Dominican Republic

Time zone UTC-4
Currency Peso
Language Spanish

‡ Due to local restrictions some mobile phones will not allow calls to this toll-free number. In this case, callers from mobile phones should use the standard dial-in number.

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