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The move to Meetupcall really stemmed from our requirements as a business to be able to properly control our audio conferencing. We had been using Meeting Zone for a number of years and the costs and services seemed to be out of control and inconsistent with what we were looking to achieve…” read more.


At Netto our brand promise is about value, so we chose Meetupcall as our Teleconference provider to help us keep that promise…” read more.


We have been using the service for a couple of years now, because it is simple to use, always available and cost effective…” read more


We have clients and business partners globally and need a reliable and flexible teleconference facility, which different users can access at the same time without pre-booking. Meetupcall meets these needs; plus we have made significant savings by switching from our previous provider…” read more


The Meetupcall conference allows those folks to participate in worship and to connect with our church family. We are delighted that the service is not geographically limited and at times have folks listening in from further afield…” read more


We use Meetupcall to facilitate Interviews and client meetings. Our clients may want to interview candidates that are not currently based in their country. Meetupcall allows us to get different people together no matter where they are based…” read more


We needed a solution that had straightforward, reasonable price plans and allowed our team to get around a table from India, Italy, Ilkley, wherever. The simplicity of Meetupcall helps us enormously. It’s just something we don’t have to think about anymore…” read more


Running a small but growing business between several different countries means we work closely with remotely based colleagues. So we use Meetupcall as a reliable and convenient way to host the meetings of our executive board, which has members all around the world…” read more


Meetupcall means we can talk to our customers when they need us most. Local dial-in numbers make us more accessible. The ability Meetupcall give us to conference affordably, reliably and securely means no one gets left behind…” read more


Meetupcall provides the worldclass teleconferencing service we need to keep communications with our clients and our teams wide open…” read more


We chose Meetupcall to support us because of the cost savings we’ve realised immediately. Their service meets and exceeds all our expectations; what more could you ask for?…” read more


The level of service we offer thanks to Meetupcall is something only the biggest consulting firms were offering a few years ago…” read more


Since joining we have had 100% connectivity and have been able to work with them to significantly reduce the cost of the service we had previously paid for…” read more


Meetupcall provides a cost-effective, simple and reliable means for us all to keep in touch. We use Meetupcall for a weekly company conference call, and for regular ad-hoc conference calls with customers and prospects as and when required…” read more


Meetupcall has facilitated our communication with various privies in combination with a significant reduction of the Group’s spending on telephone services…” read more


Meetupcall lets us connect with our clients across the globe in a professional, reliable and reasonably priced manner…” read more


Meetupcall provides a reliable and cost effective conferencing service for us to serve our clients who are located in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Australasia…read more


Meetupcall is a valued business partner of Spoonful of Sugar. We have pharmaceutical clients across the globe and our preferred method of communication is our Meetupcall conference line. The service we receive is exemplary…” read more


Meetupcall allows our team to meet whatever the time of day and wherever they are….” read more


Since signing up to Meetupcall in March we are delighted with the service we have received to date and particularly that we are saving around £10,000 a year by having switched provider…” read more