Delivering services to people who are digitally isolated

“Meetupcall enabled us to extend our remote services to digitally isolated people who were previously unreachable.”

  • Location United Kingdom
  • Works with People with complex needs
  • Employees 2500

Who are you and what do you do?

Sense is a charity that helps people living with complex disabilities, including people who are deafblind. We support people in their home and in the community, in their education and through our holidays, arts, sports and wellbeing programmes.

My role is to develop sport and physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities as part of our Sport England funded Sense Active Together project.

What challenges were you facing before signing up to Meetupcall?

Many of our members have complex disabilities are were unable to use Zoom

What hesitations did you have before trying Meetupcall?

Didn't know if they would be able to use Meetupcall

What was your initial reaction when trying Meetupcall for the first time?

How simple it was to use. We were able to...

How has Meetupcall impacted your organisation and its beneficiaries?

We are offering 20 sessions of chair yoga and plan to expand to 40. We have a waiting list.

What kind of organisations would benefit from Meetupcall?

Any organisations supporting people who may have physical or cognitive challenges

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