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You can easily tweak our conference call service to meet your needs.

Conference Call

Updated page: Branded conference call experience – visual & audio aids.

Optional Leader PIN – The Leader PIN prevents a conference call from starting until a conference leader (or chairperson) has joined the call. This prevents any delegates who may join the call from communicating with each other before you join to properly start the conference. By default a leader is required for every call.

Optional Conference Recording – By default when leader joins the call they will have the option to record the conference and have it emailed to them. In some industries regulation requires that all conference calls be recorded. We allow you to enable mandatory recordings on a per conference ID basis. If your music tastes are not the same as ours, you can turn off the hold music.


“ If your music tastes are not the same as ours, you can turn off the hold music when waiting to join a conference call.”

Conference Call

Optional Hold Music – When your delegates arrive early to a conference call they will hear hold music until the leader joins. At Meetupcall we understand not everyone has the same taste in music so If you’d rather they didn’t then you can disable the hold music on a per conference ID basis.

Optional Join & Leave Announcements – For some conferences it is extremely useful to know who and when people join and leave the call. For other conferences this could become annoying so we allow you to disable the announcements on a per conference ID basis.

Optional Muting of Delegates – If you’re running a seminar via a conference call you may not want to hear from your delegates until the Q&A session at the end of the seminar. Enable this if you want your delegates to join the conference ‘muted’, they can un-mute themselves for the Q&A session by pressing *1 on their keypad.