Conference Call – Itemised Billing

Keep track of conference call expenditure with itemised invoices.

Conference Call

If you’re responsible for managing your company’s conference call account, then it’s important to know how much individuals or cost centres are spending. If you’re the manager of a sales team then you’ll need to know which of your team members are making the most conference calls. If you need to re-charge your time on call to a client then you’ll need to know how long you’ve been on for. Meetupcall’s itemised invoicing can help you with all this.


“ Invoices are broken down to each individual party on the conference call.”


At the end of each month we send you an itemised invoice with a breakdown of every single call you have made during that period. Each call shows the date and time and the duration for each party as well as a friendly name so you can identify the account. This name can be the name of an employee, cost centre or client depending on how you set up your account.

Conference Call