Conference Call Providers – 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch

Since the inception of Meetupcall in 2009, we've proudly worked hard towards making the best possible product and service within the conference call industry, becoming a leading conference call provider.

We've even picked up some great accolades along the way, such as being featured on the BBC Click TV show and dubbed as a teleconferencing service that's "so simple to use, you may never have a face to face meeting again".



Good feedback to one side, something we yearn for more than anything is to understand our customers' pain points and bring features to fruition that make a real difference and keep our customers satisfied. Naturally, another point of feedback is from our brand new customers, to understand why the motivators for making the move to us from their previous conference call provider.

So, thinking of joining us from another conference call company? This is probably a good starting point for you to see why we're known as the world's smartest conference call service.



How we're different

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1. Does your current provider hide their costs?


Many of our new customers come across to us after using providers that are branded as a ‘free conference call service’, which, isn't completely true. While you will not get billed directly from the conference call provider, you are more likely than not making use of an 0844 phone number (UK) that's charged to you at 5.8p per minute (typically) via your phone bill.

Typically, the trigger for a business to look for new conference call companies is when the accounts team notice consistent calling of a 0844 phone number that's starting to contribute heavily to the companies phone bill.

What's the alternative? You can sign up to one of our paid plans and pay a fixed amount on a monthly basis. This way, you buy your minutes in bulk, thus, saving you massively on your current 0844 call charges.

View our pricing here.



2. Do you pay a connection fee with your conference call provider?


Another pet-hate for many conference call users are teleconference providers that charge a ‘connection fee’ on top of the pence per minute rate. While many providers will gloss over this fee as a necessity due to charges incurred on their side, this is typically not true.

With us, it's simply a pence per minute rate. Nothing more, nothing less.




3. Do you have to request a new conference call leader account via fax?


So, you've signed up to a new conference call service. Now what? Well, you probably want to give out the details to anyone in your organisation who would need to arrange conference calls. The easiest way to do this of course, would be if each new conference call leader had their own login details, under the businesses conference call account.

Unfortunately, many of today's service providers are still requesting a written letter of consent that needs faxing with new conference call leaders details. Yes, that's right - FAX!

With us... well, you can give us your new leader details however you want. Mass CSV file, tell us over the phone, email us a list, fax it or, you can simply login to you Meetupcall Conference Call Dashboard and add more leaders in just a click!

View more information on the Meetupcall Conference Dashboard.



4. Still copy & pasting conference call details in to email?



Anyone in our industry knows that the sending of conference call details is step 1 to having a successful conference call. If you're currently with another conference call provider, then you're probably more than au fait with what the typical teleconference provider process; email everyone at the same time with a conference call phone number, conference ID and possibly a PIN.

Ok, so that's not too bad, right? What about those dialling in from an international location? Are you expecting these attendees to use the same phone number as everyone else? And what about the time zone for the meeting? The problem is, with all these small blocks, it adds to the number of issues that can arise and stop people being able to join the call.

We do things differently. Our Easy Invite feature allows you to send out personalised conference call invites to each attendee, that will allow them to dial-in on the best possible phone number (cost) and we'll also convert the timezone for the start of the meeting, to ensure there's no confusion of who needs to be on the call and at what time. In a click - you'll have everyone arranged to join your call, no matter where they are in the world with little to no effort.

Take a look at our Easy Invite feature here.



5. Fed up of poor audio quality?



There are a multitude of issues and factors that come in to play that can become a troublesome disruption when on a call, such as poor phone signal or nuisance background noises that make it hard for you to hear others, or be heard. Now, what if this wasn't just a 2-way call and it was in fact a conference call with 5, 10 or 50+ people? All the aforementioned issues are magnified and this is, again, where you need more than just a regular conference call provider.

How do we get around audio quality issues? We've invested heavily in intelligent audio software that suppresses annoying background noises, while focusing on your voice to make it as close to crystal clear as possible.

Find out more about our HQ conference call audio feature.





6. No idea who's talking or even how many on a call?



Picture this - you're on a call with 10 other people, some of which you know quite well and others who you've never spoken to before. Does your current provider allow you to view who's currently speaking or, do they leave you to have awkward conversations to find out who's currently speaking?

Here at Meetupcall, we provide you with an online dashboard so that you can view your current call, who's on the call as well as other moderator style tools such as being able to look the conference call room and stop additional people from joining, mute disruptive attendees and much more.

View more details about the Meetupcall Dashboard here.


 7. Still using conference call IDs & PINs?



It's the 21st century - there's no longer a need for your conference call provider to be making you use conference call IDs or PINs any more. With us, you have a few options at your disposal:

  • 1-Touch Dial-in – if you are joining a conference call from your smartphone, you can simply connect to the conference call, when convenient to you, with our 1-touch dial-in feature.
  • Dial-out - provide us with your phone number and we'll call you and all your attendees at the conference call start time.
  • Dial out to attendees - a great feature, especially for getting people on to your call that either don't have the conference call details, or you want to patch that attendee in to the call later on in to the conference call



8. Want to share something on your screen with your call attendees?



Most conference call companies in the UK and globally don't have an option to have screen share as part of the conference call service and those that do, typically make use of a third party screen share service that is overly expensive in most user cases of a typical screen share.

We're different in our approach, in that you can easily have a seamless conference call and screen share at once with no additional fees (available on pricing plans of £29+). What’s more, there are no annoying screen share downloads for your conference call attendees and it’s accessible in just a click for all parties involved.

Find out more about our seamless screen share conference call feature here


view our top tips on how to have a successful conference call with seamless screen share.



9. Want more information about who's on your call?



While our Conference Dashboard allows you to understand who is on your active call, we also have an additional feature known as Business Connect that pulls in additional conference call attendee information. It is great to use as a nominal roll and is viewable by everyone on the call, thus, introductions can be kept brief with more detail found within the Easy Invite email received by all. No more guessing who's on the call and plus, it's ok to forget who's joining the call - we'll remember everything for you.

Find out more about Business Connect, here.





10. How's your note taking?


So, your conference call is complete. Now what? It’s probably a good idea to make sure everyone is on the right page by sending out your notes to everyone who was on the call, as well as for those not on the call. Really? Is your conference call provider really making you take your own hand-written notes?

With us as your conference call company, every conference call you have has the option to turn conference call recording off and on as you please, which means that you can concentrate on the conversation, rather than the note taking. This also means that you can write-up notes for all to read at a later date and/or, supply your conference call delegates and all those that did not attend a call with a direct link to download the recording whenever they so wish to do so.

Find out what makes our call recording great - click here.

As the world's smartest conference call service, Meetupcall enables remote teams to talk to each other wherever they are in the world and whatever their available technology.

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