Conference Call Bahrain

Conference Calls services for Bahrain

How to set up a conference call from Bahrain:

  1. Want to host a call from Bahrain? Create an account
  2. Dial 800 19803 (toll-free)
    or 16199321 (standard)
  3. Enter your conference ID
  4. Wait for your attendees to join

Here at Meetupcall, if you are located in Bahrain, we can provide you with a quality conference call service that gives you access to very affordable local and toll-free telephone numbers. Whats more, if you need to call internationally – no problem, our service is available worldwide and non-Bahrain residents can call in from one of 60+ international phone numbers.

Dial-in Bahrain Conference Call Numbers

Standard dial-in number +973 16199321 See all dial-in numbers
Toll-free dial-in number 800 19803 ‡ See all toll-free numbers

Bahrain Conference Call Services Pricing

Standard dial-in Included with all our paid plans See all plans
Toll-free dial-in $0.06 per minute See toll-free pricing
Dial-out to landlines from $0.13 per minute See how it works
Dial-out to mobiles from $0.19 per minute See how it works

Country Information for your Conference Call to Bahrain

Time zone UTC+3  
Currency Bahraini dinar  
Language Arabic  

‡ Due to local restrictions some mobile phones will not allow calls to this toll-free number. In this case, callers from mobile phones should use the standard dial-in number.

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