Business profiles

Business profiles

Put a face to a name with a business related profile

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See exactly who you’re speaking to with business profiles

With our business profiles feature we automatically collect additional information about all your attendees, including a photo, job title, organisation and current location, as well as links to business profiles such as LinkedIn

Look who’s talking

Ever had trouble putting names to faces? Now there’s no guessing who’s who. As well as listing everyone’s name on the call, we also show profile pictures too. It means you’ll know exactly who someone is next time you meet in real life

And what do you do?

Job titles aren’t everything, but it’s worth knowing when you’re talking to the head honcho rather than the assistant’s assistant intern. We allow everyone on the call to see positions, so you know who the decision-makers are

Build your social network

It’s important to expand your network and build successful relationships beyond the conference call. With business profiles it’s easy to add other attendees to your address book during the call or connect with them via their LinkedIn profile

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