Conference call recordings

With Meetupcall you can securely record, replay and share all of your calls

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Concentrate on the conversation, not the note taking

Never miss an important point again. With conference call recordings enabled, you can play back the conversation at a later date, share with people that need to know, and take notes in your own time.

Walk and chew gum

Doing two things at once can be tricky, like contributing to a discussion while at the same time writing notes. We record every part of the conversation, leaving you to focus on the meeting at hand, rather than scribbling on your notepad.

Thank you for sharing

Sometimes things come up that mean you can’t make a conference call. With our Conference Call Recording service it’s not a problem as you can record, replay and share calls easily, so even if someone can’t make the call, they’re kept in the loop.

Did he really say that?

If you’re scribbling down notes, it’s easy to make mishear an important point. We securely archive all your conference calls online, so it’s easy to go back and check the audio to see if the boss really did promise everyone a pay rise.

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