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Manage your calls and attendees all in one place

Log in to the conference call dashboard via your web browser and manage your conference call in real-time, including adding new attendees using dial-out, locking the conference call and muting or removing attendees when needed.

Now you’re talking

Roll calls are time-consuming. And asking ‘who’s that speaking?’ is bordering on the awkward. Our dashboard makes the whole process faster and more efficient. See who’s on the call, who’s speaking, and add new people using dial-out.

Take control of the room

There’s nothing worse than someone barging into the room whilst you’re halfway through a meeting. The same goes for conference calls. We allow you to lock a call so late arrivals can’t interrupt, plus you can also ‘kick’ out attendees should you need to.

Sound off

Attendees sitting in noisy locations can have a detrimental effect on your call. With our conference dashboard, you can immediately see where disturbances are coming from and mute or ‘kick’ attendees from call, giving you a better call.

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