On-hold music

On-hold music

Set the mood of the meeting with your choice of songs

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Choose what you want your attendees to listen to whilst they wait

Say goodbye to monotonous elevator music, and let the meeting leader set the tone of your meeting with on-hold music or messaging played to all attendees before the meeting starts.

This is what we sound like

Hold music should make an emotional connection to your organisation. Not bore them witless. With us you can choose the music to suit your needs, whether that’s ukulele for a start-up or some classical music for the finance team.


Now that’s what I call music

On-hold music is about setting the scene for your meeting and getting everyone in the right frame of mind. From celebratory disco to happy pop, energetic rock to laid-back jazz, we let you choose the music to suit the tone of your meeting.

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I’m with the DJ

Want to choose your own music or message for even more personalisation? With Meetupcall you can upload your own music, or create a sales message or company overview instead, if you want to skip the songs.

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