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Share your screen with attendees quickly and easily

When you need more than an audio conference call, our screenshare feature allows everyone on a call to share their screens – with one simple click.


Seeing is believing

Selling a product? Demonstrating a service? You want the ability to share your screen with minimum effort. With Screenshare, attendees can see your screen in their web browser, as well as sharing their own screen when needed.

no mail

No need to email

There’s nothing worse than an inbox clogged with large documents. We let everyone share their screen while on a conference call, so complex ideas or processes can be shared without the need to ‘email it over’.


Quick and easy set up

Your conference call time should be productive. No one wants to spend time struggling to share important documents. To share your screen all you need to do is download a small file once, and that’s it.

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