High definition video
and audio quality

Meetupcall utilises up to 1080p high definition video, combined with high quality pin-sharp audio, to ensure your remote meetings are the next best thing to meeting face to face.

Crystal clear remote meetings using smart technology

Our industry-leading high quality audio uses intelligent software to filter out distracting noises and deliver pitch perfect sound every time you make a call, whilst we will automatically detect your equipment's processing power and deliver the best quality video to suit your needs - up to 1080p HD quality.

  • Speak volumes

    Different voices and phones often lead to erratic volume changes. Our volume normalisation technology keeps sound levels constant, so it’s easier than ever to listen to the conversation without the distraction of booming voices followed by whispers.

  • Don't keep the noise down

    Air conditioning units and keyboard tappers can be an annoying distraction at best, or a deal breaker at worst. Our background noise filtering facility allows you to hold a successful call without everything around you being a part of the conversation.

  • No awkward break-ups

    ‘Sorry, what was that? Say it again, please?’ Bring clarity to your conversations and make miscommunications a thing of the past with our crystal clear HD audio. It means no more break-ups or misunderstandings.

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