PRODUCT UPDATE: Multiple facilitators on group sessions

With our latest update, you can now get help managing your remote group sessions by adding multiple facilitators to a single session.

Hosting remote group calls is a great way for charities to deliver services to large group of beneficiaries at once, but maintaining order with a group of people who might not yet know the correct etiquette can be challenging.

A poorly managed session can quickly descend into the chaos of people talking over one another.

Of course Meetupcall enables facilitators to identify talkers and mute and unmute guests where necessary, but sometimes this feels like a full-time role and can detract away from actually running the session.

With our latest update you can add multiple facilitators to a single session: perhaps one to host and run your session and one to manage the guests.  All will be able to see who is talking, connect absent guests as well as mute and unmute those already on the session.

You can find out more in this knowledge base article or simple go to one of your existing sessions and add an additional facilitator.