Tips For Your New Work at Home Wardrobe

If I am not showered by 10:00 a.m. I find that the likelihood of sitting in pyjamas all day skyrockets. The more this happens, the easier it becomes. Before setting out to work at home I could never understand or appreciate the reason why other remote workers got dressed in the morning and played out a normal routine. Why do I need to spend an hour getting ready to sit in my own home? Especially in front of my computer when I can enjoy another hour in bed.

Feeling Like the Weekend

It soon dawned on me that sitting in my pyjamas or sweatpants made me feel like it was the weekend. Or it was my own time to relax. Before I started to work at home I had been so used to spending Sunday mornings sat in my comfortable clothes. My brain could not process the idea that it was actually time to work. Things had to quickly change. More specifically my clothes!

I found that simply getting dressed each morning to work at home made me feel more productive than working on projects in my pyjamas. It may sound strange but whilst working in my sweatpants and over-sized World of Warcraft t-shirt may sound more comfortable than my normal work clothes, it did not really encourage me to get into the right mind set for a day's work. Equally, being presentable is helpful if I suddenly happened to be invited to a last minute video conference. Nobody wants to see me work at home in my pyjamas and without make up. Trust me!

Work at Home Fashion

One thing I must admit that I encountered while dressing for work is that when wearing office casual clothes, it makes it much more difficult to get up from my computer and go off to do non-work related chores around the house. Do you know how difficult it can be to start hoovering or do the dishes in your best trousers or shirt? It is impossible! I am not suggesting you wear your most expensive outfit to work at your computer, but just wearing a shirt or blouse can easily keep you seated and focus on the projects at hand.

I never dreamt I would see myself writing about the fundamental need to wear pants for work while I work at home but I am. It is very tempting to just roll out of bed and start working. For me that is a recipe for failure. For some reason, I subconsciously associate pyjamas with relaxing and free time. Right now I am wearing the same smart casual outfit I would wear when working in an office. My main reason for doing so is that the clothing, aside from flipping a psychological switch to tell me that it is "time for work", also makes it harder to do non-work related tasks. Let us not forget all this helps build the much needed routine that remote workers should adopt. Build your daily routine and beat those distractions.

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Since moving to Italy from the UK for a change of lifestyle. Gemma soon began to miss her old marketing role back in the UK. She opted to join one of the rapidly growing methods of work: remote working. She writes and shares many blogs from her home in Italy on real experiences that she has uncovered through working remotely.

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