Resources for charities on delivering services digitally

Knowledge, guidance and best practices on how technology can be used to deliver community, connection and belonging to those that need it the most.

Can charities who deliver their services remotely record the sessions? What are the rules?

The benefits of recording remotely delivered sessions for safeguarding or training are obvious. The rules, less so...

PRODUCT UPDATE: Multiple facilitators on group sessions

With our latest update, you can now get help managing your remote group sessions by adding multiple facilitators to a single session.

Key Performance Indicators for your telephone befriending service

Measuring performance is essential if you're going to operate a sustainable service. Here are some KPIs you should be measuring:

Telephone befriending safeguarding, things to consider

Assessing safeguarding risks for digital services can seem daunting, but with a good process it can be straightforward.

Older Man iPad

Why digital services need to be part of every charity’s offering

As soon as I heard “We were able to reach people we previously couldn’t“ I knew there was no going back.

Older person on a video call

How COVID set Meetupcall on a more meaningful path

As Zoom and Teams dominated our industry we found a more meaningful problem to work on. Delivering community, connection and belonging to those that need it the most.

desktop with a laptop and notepad

Why working and meeting remotely is the next great equaliser

When the lockdown ends and we return to ‘normal’, it could be that the impact of geographical location on an organisation's success is far less than how effectively it embraces a remote working culture.