Group telephone calls

Reach people who are digitally excluded by hosting remote group social events and delivering stimulating activities using a technology they are both familiar and comfortable with... the telephone.

charity teleconference
charity teleconference
charity conference call

As simple as answering a ringing phone

Designed specifically for reaching older or disabled people who are not confident or able to join services online.

With a Meetupcall group telephone call, all phone numbers are hidden and joining is as simple dialing a local number or answering a ringing phone, no PINs or complicated instructions.

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  • No internet required

    No internet required

    Guests can dial-in or get called at the start using a regular landline or mobile phone.

  • Keep your guests safe

    Keep your guests safe

    Enhanced safeguarding means all phone numbers and personal information are hidden.

  • Demonstrate impact

    Demonstrate impact

    Demonstrate the impact of your work with built in quantitive and qualitative reporting.

  • Control the calls

    Control the calls

    A call dashboard lets facilitators connect, disconnect and mute guests.

  • Schedule in advance

    Schedule in advance

    Schedule recurring sessions that call guests at the same time every week.

  • Record the session

    Record the session

    Choose to record and archive the audio for safeguarding or training.

  • Manage your contacts

    Manage your contacts

    Securely store details of service users, volunteers and facilitators within Meetupcall.

  • No call charges

    No call charges

    Ensure your beneficiaries do not incur any unexpected call charges.

  • Customise or brand it

    Customise or brand it

    Welcome guests to your session with custom messages.

  • Get help when you need it

    Get help when you need it

    Our leading UK based support team means you’ll always have the help you need.

You’ll be in good company

From national charities to local community groups, Meetupcall is the choice for organisations who need to reach older and disabled people remotely...

  • Meetupcall have significantly reduced our costs, allowing us to host more group calls and reach more older people.

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  • Meetupcall have been fantastic in supporting Sense and the people we work with.

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  • We chose Meetupcall because its’ accessibility features are perfect for our users

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  • Meetupcall is so easy to use, and accessible to anyone with an ordinary landline phone or a mobile phone.

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