Telephone befriending

Telephone befriending is a great way to connect people at risk of loneliness with volunteers, but to operate in a safe and sustainable way can take a lot of overhead. Meetupcall takes that away.

older man befriending
older man befriending
young telephone befriending volunteer

Use your time for the things that matter.

Safeguarding, impact reporting and volunteer management are necessary elements of running a sustainable befriending service, but the most important part is the quality of the human interactions.

Meetupcall reduces the administration overhead allowing you to focus on what really matters.

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  • Report impact

    Report impact

    Easily demonstrate the value of your work and secure future funding.

  • Record interactions

    Record interactions

    Choose to record the audio, and playback interactions for safeguarding or training purposes.

  • Protect guests

    Protect guests

    Both parties phone numbers are hidden, keeping both volunteer and guest safe.

  • Manage cases

    Manage cases

    Centrally manage all your remote service users and volunteers within Meetupcall.

  • Keep it simple

    Keep it simple

    For both volunteer and service user, accessing the service is exactly the same as making a regular phone call.

  • Let us help

    Let us help

    We're more than just software and always available to help, support or advise.

Older person on a video call

You’ll be in good company

From national charities to local community groups, Meetupcall is the choice for organisations who need to reach older and disabled people remotely...

  • Meetupcall have significantly reduced our costs, allowing us to host more group calls and reach more older people.

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  • Meetupcall enabled us to extend our remote services to digitally isolated people who were previously unreachable.

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  • We chose Meetupcall because its’ accessibility features are perfect for our users

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  • Meetupcall is so easy to use, and accessible to anyone with an ordinary landline phone or a mobile phone.

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