Hosting weekly telephone groups to keep older people socially connected

“We chose Meetupcall because its’ accessibility features are perfect for our users”

Jo Stokes
Community Services Manager at Age UK Bristol
  • Location Bristol
  • Works with Older People
  • Employees 32

Who are you and what do you do?

Age UK Bristol exists to support older people in and around Bristol and my role is Community Services Manager; I am responsible for ensuring the delivery of high quality community services for older people.

What challenges were you facing before signing up to Meetupcall?

Following the COVID lockdowns in 2020 we faced a situation where we had to support older people who were required to shield/self-isolate and were at risk of loneliness.

Because we were unable to have face-to-face contact and many of the people we support did not have access to the internet, we needed a way of reaching them in a way that was both accessible and familiar and discovered Meetupcall.

What hesitations did you have before trying Meetupcall?

We were really unsure as to whether some of our older service users would be able to access the service as they can often have physical or cognitive challenges that can make even using the telephone difficult.

What was your initial reaction when trying Meetupcall for the first time?

How simple it was to use. We can dial out to people who would struggle to join the call independently and we can also provide a freephone number for those who cannot afford the call.

Also, how very friendly and supportive and supportive the Meetupcall staff have been; offering training and problem fixes if we get stuck.

How has Meetupcall impacted your organisation and its beneficiaries?

The biggest impact is that our members love the calls! So much so, we are continuing the weekly calls even when lockdown is lifted.

There is also an easy to use admin area where we can monitor our call usage, including number of guests, number of minutes used and how much money we have spent. 

What kind of organisations would benefit from Meetupcall?

Any organisations that provide support to older people, especially those who are digital isolated and at risk of loneliness.

“I live alone and I have Parkinsons so I can't get out. The calls have given me something to look forward to and I would say are the highlight of my week.”

Age UK Service User

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