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Meetupcall combines audio and video conferencing into one single, fully bespoke platform that is styled to represent your brand, allowing you to host remote meetings, your way.

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Why Meetupcall?

Remote meetings are normal now, and they're not going away. Meetupcall enables you to embrace the benefits of remote meetings with your own customised platform.

Anyone can join your meetings quickly and easily, with no downloads required. Once in the meeting they're greeted with your company's branding for the perfect welcome. Backed up by our class leading support and a commitment to privacy, with Meetupcall you can confidently and securely host even your most valued clients.

It's your call

Make your call, for your brand

Give guests a brand experience, whenever you host a remote meeting. Change the colours, logo and welcome message to immerse your guests in your brand from the word go; it's the next best thing to meeting clients in your company boardroom.

Join your way

Join your way

Everyone should be able to join their way - whatever their technical skills or preferred device.

On your phone you can dial-in or we can call you at the start. On your computer you can join with video or audio-only. We give you the confidence that those all important client calls will run without a hitch.

Lean on us

Lean on us, if you need to

From setting up your account, to user training and onboarding, our class-leading customer support team are available for you and your guests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - by phone, live chat or email. We go above and beyond to ensure your meeting always runs smoothly.

Privacy is our priority

We make your privacy our priority

We don't own any ad networks or deal in personal data or artificial intelligence. The only reason we exist is to facilitate your remote meetings, so you can be confident that what you discuss in your meetings will always remain strictly confidential.

Plus - thanks to our ISO 27001 certification - we stick to the best security standards in the world. You don’t have to worry. Just sit back and look forward to each conversation.

So, how much
does it cost?

$14 Per host, per month


  • 100 guests per call
  • Dashboard & invite branding
  • Audio & video calling
  • Download-free screenshare
  • Unlimited cloud recording
  • Secure invite
  • 24/7 support for users and your guests
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • 100+ international local dial-in and toll-free numbers
  • Toll-free and dial-out charged at additional rate
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$19 Per host, per month


  • Everything on Branded plus:
  • Virtual whiteboards
  • Instant chat
  • Custom meeting URL
  • Custom waiting rooms
  • 300 guests per call
  • Multiple rooms per host
  • Remove all Meetupcall branding
  • Custom welcome prompts
  • Custom hold music
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  • API access
  • Custom builds
  • Onsite deployment
  • Integrations
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You’ll be in good company

Whether you need a company-wide implementation, or for smaller client-facing teams to use in their external meetings, Meetupcall is trusted by thousands of users every day to handle their remote meetings...

  • Meetupcall is simple to use, provides all the functionality we need and is not over-priced.

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  • We have achieved both significant cost savings with enhanced functionality.

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  • Meetupcall gave us the best of both worlds - a single platform that has everything we require

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  • Meetupcall combine a reliable operation with a personal customer service

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  • Meetupcall have excelled where others have failed us dreadfully

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  • Seamless migration and onboarding

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  • It is vital our remote meetings with clients remain strictly confidential and secure

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  • It's just so simple to use and secure; which is vital for our users and their guests

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  • The system was designed to suit us, helping to improve efficiency.

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  • Meetupcall provided us with exactly what we were looking for; a customised plan that was fit for purpose

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  • We needed a service that connects us to clients around the world

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  • Meetupcall saves us money and increases productivity

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  • A very easy, non-complicated system to use that helps us engage with our clients

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  • Communications is what we do. It's vital our remote communications meet our high standards

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Who do we help?

Meetupcall’s accessibility means it's ideal for meetings with external parties. If you’re speaking with clients, pitching to prospects or leading interviews you can focus on the content of the meeting and not the technology. You can adopt Meetupcall for your entire organisation or try us for specific departments or teams. Contact us today and we’ll start putting a tailored plan together to suit your individual business needs.

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